Dick DeVos Was Partially Responsible For The Amazing Expansion Of The John F. Kennedy Center

I recently learned the John F. Kennedy Center has far surpassed their fundraising goals for the Center for the Performing Arts. I am additionally delighted that instead of closing the campaign, it has been increased by another $50 million to fund an important cause. According to a press release I read from the Kennedy Center, the approved project had already locked in $135.9 million, including a large expansion for the center, a delightful pedestrian bridge to link the Kennedy Center with the pavilion, dining space, new offices, space for rehearsals and education, and three beautiful new pavilions.


The campaign originated in 2013, and their goal was to raise $125 million. The programming initiatives were to receive $25 million, while the expansion would receive $100 million. I understand there have been changes in the design over the last two years due to the intense and focused scrutiny of the federal planning agencies. I am also quite satisfied the rising cost for construction and design of $199.5 million can be met for this worthwhile project. I was also happy but not surprised to learn the Dick Devos Foundation was funding a portion of the project.


A $50 million donation set the stage in 2013 by the chairman for the board of trustees Kennedy Center, and the Co-Founder of the Carlyle Group, David Rubenstein. Despite the fact this generous donation has yet to be matched, the money is still coming in at a rapid pace. In a statement I read by the President of the Kennedy Center, Deborah Rutter, the Riverwalk and expansion will be the Kennedy Center’s new front door as an arts destination. I am not the only one excited by this large of a project being funded solely with contributed donations. This testified to the passion for arts in the community and the country. The expansion should be complete by 2018.


The generous contributions included David M. Rubenstein for $50 million, The Boeing Co. for $20 million, Christine Schwarzman and Jacqueline Mars, Stephen for $10 million. A contribution of $5 million from The Centene Charitable Foundation and Michael and Noemi Neidorff, the Robert H. Smith Family Foundation, the David C. Bohnett Foundation, Suzanne Niedland, Herb Kohler, Natalie and Fred Eychaner, and the Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation. An additional $1 million from the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, The Psalsm Foundation and Martha and Carl Lindner III, Eva and Marc Stern, Adrienne Arsht, Dr. Deborah Road and Dr. Jan A.J. Stolwijk, Elaine Wynn, Iris Smith, and anonymous.


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Here’s Why Gregory Aziz’s Railroad Freight Car Manufacturing Company is the Only Certified Company in North America

Gregory James Aziz serves as the Chairman, President & CEO of National Steel Car, among the world’s leading company in railroad freight car and engineering services. The company is located in Hamilton, Ontario.


 Greg’s Education and Career Path

Born in 1949, Greg Aziz studied at Ridley College and later University of Western Ontario to pursue economics as a major. In 1971, Greg joined his family’s wholesale business in Affiliated Foods. The family was importing fresh foods from Europe, Central, and South America and then distributing them to fresh food wholesale markets in the U.S. and Eastern Canada.

Having worked on some investment banking opportunities in New York from the late 1980s to early 1990s, James Aziz thought of buying National Steel Car from Dofasco in the year 1994. His main objective was to transform the popular Canadian company into a leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America. The company had robust engineering capabilities, team-building ties, and significant human and capital investment. By 1999, manufacturing increased from 3,500 cars per year to 12,000. Employment rate also increased from 600 to approximately 3,000.

National Steel Car has experience of over a century in engineering, manufacturing. The company is committed to manufacturing quality cars. That has earned the company a brand reputation in North America as the leading railroad freight and tank car manufacturer. The company recognizes its employees as the significant contribution towards its success. The company continues to be more dynamic, diverse, and value-driven than before. The employees continuously challenge themselves by setting objectives that help them provide unmatched efficiency in the rail industry.

Customers have built trust in National Steel Car company through the high quality of railcars and service they get. The company ensures that they deliver just that to the client. That has seen National Steel Car be the only certified North American company in railroad freight under ISO 9001:2008. The company has also won major awards including the annual TTX SECO award that it has maintained for over a decade. Find More Information Here.


Greg’s Philanthropic Acts

The company gives back to the Hamilton community by sponsoring numerous charities which include the Salvation Army local charity, the United Way, the Hamilton Opera, and Theatre Aquarius to name a few. The company organizes an annual event to bring together its past and present employees to celebrate Christmas Party and contribute food to local food banks.

Greg together with his wife Irene also sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, a popular agricultural event in Canada.


Gregory J Aziz is the current President and CEO of the leading railroad freight cars manufacturer in the United States. The company is known as National Steel Car. National Steel Car is based in Hamilton, Ontario. National Steel Car deals with the manufacture of engineering and manufacture of railroad freight cars. Greg Aziz was born in 1949 in Ontario, Canada. He studies economics at the University of Western Ontario. After completing he studies, he went back to his family to help them manage a food business company that they owned. The food company was just a small company, but after he took over the management, it became the leading importer and supplier of fresh foods in the United States and Canada. The imports come from Europe and South America. Read This Article to learn more.


Greg James Aziz from a very young age had a passion for business. To make it better, his family already owned a business. It served him well as a source of inspiration on why he should invest in the business. Having been a student of economics, Greg Aziz moved to the United States where he worked with different banks in the 1980s and 1990s. His interests in business would finally come through when in 1994, he purchased the National Steel Car from the Dofasco. He aimed to revive its operations and make it the leading supplier and manufacturer of railroad freight cars.


In five years the operations of National Steel Car had led to massive improvements in the company. The productivity of the company had improved by a huge margin. Its car output had grown from 3500 to 12000. This was a huge improvement in such a short span. The workers in the company also had to go up to meet the new demands of productivity, from an initial number of 600 in five years the number had grown to over 3000. Every year, the company continues to manufacture thousands of cars. National Steel Car Company became the first company to be ISO certified since 1996 for its quality in the manufacturing process. It had been honored with the prestigious TTX SECO quality award.

Gregory J Aziz is proud of what he has managed to achieve with the company since he took over the management. He has made what was a small company become a giant in a region where business remains highly competitive. Greg continues to align the operations of the company according to the changes in the business environment and customers need.

Livio Bisterzo Finds Success With His Own Style And Leonardo DiCaprio Invests In His Business

The name Livio Bisterzo became synonymous with healthy snacks that are delicious and good for the body when he released HIPPEAS. He provided a much needed alternative to the snack foods currently available with an appealing brand and an intuitive strategy. His product has been noticed by many investors including the actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Livio Bisterzo is one of the co-founders of the business and excited about the minority equity investment recently made by Leonardo DiCaprio. He spoke about his partner Strand Equity and how they had helped his growth in the United States and the United Kingdom and how pleased he was Leonardo DiCaprio had joined his HIPPEAS family.

Livio Bisterzo talked about how his partners had the same vision and values in regards to the business and how he believes his journey will be even better with his partners at his side. According to Seth Rodsky of Strand Equity HIPPEAS has a high potential for growth due to the specifics of the brand. He believes the nutrition, flavor, and uniqueness of HIPPEAS will generate even more growth in the future and is excited about a snack with so many health benefits.

HIPPEAS is part of a vegan business and received recognition for their unique and tasty flavors including Maple Haze, Far Out Fajita, and Happenin’ Hickory. The flavors have generated excitement with the company’s partners and caused an acceleration of the company’s growth. Leonardo DiCaprio stated some of the main reasons he invested were the momentum of HIPPEAS in the market, the vision of the partners, and the company’s journey into the future.

Most entrepreneurs begin their journey with a product but Livio Bisterzo chose to do things differently. Instead of beginning with a product he started with a brand and a powerful story. His idea had merit because his brand is now available at 18,000 retailers. He marketed his brand with sensational, bright yellow packaging that has become a staple of Starbucks.

Livio Bisterzo is an Entrepreneur who believed in his ideas and that he could make his own path. His hard work, ideas, and fortitude have made him a success.

The Top Rated Real Estate Investor Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani comes from a business-minded family where his father and mother worked on various ventures. He attended Washington University where he graduated with a degree in Economics and then started working with the GASCO company as a contracts manager before joining their subsidiary Abu Dhabi National Oil company. Hussain Sajwani worked there shortly and left the company to open his food service firm in 1982. The food service firm attracted many clients like Bechtel and the US military paving the way to the investor’s multiple businesses. Hussain Sajwani family background in business is where he drew his inspirations and lessons learnt to apply in his business.


Hussain Sajwani later founded the DAMAC Properties in 2002, a company which has achieved global status over the years. The Damac owner identified the niche in the real estate after the Dubai government allowed non-emirates to own property in Dubai and the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani thus used DAMAC Properties to build residential, luxury and commercial premises for sale to the interested parties. DAMAC Properties has over 2000 employees and has managed to deliver thousands of units to its clients.


The DAMAC Properties owner is a good friend to the United States President Donald Trump. The two have done business since 2013 and have all along maintained close ties. Donald Trump acknowledged Hussain Sajwani’s family as beautiful people during the new year celebrations which were held in the USA. DAMAC Properties has gone ahead to construct the Trump International Golf Course and currently working on the Trump World Golf Course.


Hussain Sajwani has been named in the top 100 most influential Arabs in the world with a net worth estimated to be $4.2 billion. The real estate mogul lives with his family of one wife and four children in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani is kind and committed to helping the government. He has taken part in supporting the Government of Dubai initiative to help the needy children. He has contributed millions of monies to support clothe the needy children across the globe.


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