Doe Deere Inspirational Journey into Cosmetics Is Empowering

Deere is a prime example of how entrepreneurs are finding success in our redefined business market. As technology has improved, social media emerged and videos dominated, an increasing amount of opportunities have surfaced, and Deere’s success is a testament of what is possible when you take advantage of investments and incorporate them with your passion, allowing the process to lead you along the way. Not only has Deere established new standards for quality and performance, her bold and vibrant cosmetic line has set trends for others to follow.


As the CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, Doe Deere is the “Unicorn Queen” of colors in the beauty industry. She defined her own path by envisioning make-up as more than a product to concel flaws. Instead, the perspective that inspired the creation of Lime Crime is that make-up is a tool that women use for self-expression and freedom.


The start of Lime Crime was anything but typical. Deere began her career in beauty as a fashion designer, creating her own designs for her independent online clothing line. When modeling her clothes, she payed special attention to the overall look, which meant that she needed make-up that complimented the clothes. That is when Deere discovered that most eye shadows and lipsticks are produced in neutral colors and none of the makeup brands created the type of boldly pigmented cosmetics that were different. Deere found a niche that no other cosmetic company was paying attention to and used it as her entry point into the marketplace, competing against major cosmetic line that seemingly dominated the industry.


In order to promote her clothes the way she intended, Deere created her own eye shadows and lipsticks, producing vibrant and bold colors that vividly complimented her fashion designs. Using videos to promote her independent line of clothes, Deere began broadcasting her expressive looks on YouTube which attracted thousands of viewers who were intrigued by her clothes- but especially her makeup.


In 2004, she set up an eBay account, using Lime Crime as her account handle. Within a year, she was making consistent sales with her fashion line. But the demand for her cosmetics became so overwhelming that in 2008, she launched her collection of intensely colorful cosmetics.


As sales steadily increases, make-up naturally emerged as a priority and eventually became Deere’s focus- even though Deere’s initial passion was fashion. One thing Deere did- and continuously does well- is listen to her customers. Learning from their feedback, whether good or bad, Deere continuously responded by incorporating their suggestions into her brand. As a result, Lime Crime features cosmetics that are fine tuned to the desires of customers- delivering more of what they want ans less of what they despise.


Recently, Deere has continued to make accomplishments with her brand that has further distinguished her cosmetics from competitors. The entire line Lime Crime Cosmetics has been certified ad Vegan and Cruelty-free by PETA as well as the most stringent certifier in the cosmetic industry, Leaping Bunny. Deere’s biggest success to date is the introduction of Lime Crime’s liquid-to-matte lipstick. Designed to stay on for hours without crumbling or transferring, this lipstick created an entirely new category in the cosmetic industry.


Deere’s unique and innovative success with Lime Crime is inspirational to other entrepreneurs. Even more, Deere offers mentoring to aspiring female entrepreneurs in hopes of empowering them to turn their passion into a profitable business. Besides, who better to learn from than Deere- a inspirational female entrepreneur who has already succeeded in living her dreams.

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