Greg Aziz Believes National Steel Car’s Best Time is Ahead of them

Recently, National Steel Car held a celebration in honor of their most prestigious CEO, Gregory James Aziz. National Steel Car was on the decline when Greg James Aziz took the helm. Because of the hard work of Gregory J Aziz, National Steel Car not only turned around, but they became the most dominant force in the railway transport industry.


Gregory James Aziz is a Canadian native and has always dreamed of attending Western University. While in attendance, he gained a degree in economics and business. He put the lessons he learned to good use when he arrived at National Steel Car. It was his lessons on efficiency and innovation to help save this company.

When Gregory James Aziz took his first day in his office he began to go over all of the records in the company. He saw how National Steel Car once had been the foremost inventor of rail way technology ever known. This innovation allowed them to custom make railcars and propelled them to the top spot in North America and beyond. However, Gregory James Aziz saw that something had changed. National Steel Car was no longer innovating as it once had.

Gregory James Aziz met with the company leaders and explained to them their dire situation. He informed them that if National Steel Car did not begin to innovate, the company would be surpassed by others and would not be able to keep up with environmental regulations. The board of executives at first were hesitant to change their ways but because of Greg James Aziz wise leadership, they followed.


National Steel Car then began to make the most efficient rail car in history. Their railcar produced 92% fewer carbon emissions and consumed half as much water as the closest competitor. These new specifications allowed the company to meet the new regulations passed by the Canadian government. Over 98% of rail way industries were unable to continue doing business in Canada until they updated their equipment. Since National Steel Car did this ahead of the regulations they were able to take over many of the competitions contracts. Get Related Information Here.


Recently, Gregory James Aziz was able to give a speech as the chief executive officer at National Steel Car’s Centennial birthday celebration. He is predicting that with such a strong foundation, then National Steel Car can continue doing business for another 100 years as long as it stays the course.

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