Fabletics, Athleisure for Fun and Fitness

Athleisure may be a fashion term you’ve heard of in recent years. The term refers to workout wear that can serve as both athletic and casual wear. Fabletics is a brand name that has also surfaced in recent years, and, they’ve taken the athleisure game to a whole new level. Having Kate Hudson as the brand’s top ambassador gives the brand much recognition. Since its launch, the company has grown to be a 250 million a year business. Demi Lovato has also recently joined the ranks, with her own line of athleisure. There are even imitators who try to cash in on this growing segment, however, lack the branding, quality, and, the affordability of the Fabletics brand.


One of the companies most notable and, successful moves have been in using the “reverse showroom” technique for marketing. With this method, the customer is typically engaged online prior to visiting a store. If the customer doesn’t wish to purchase online, they’ll have the opportunity to preview and, also purchase items at the retail store. Monthly subscription memberships are sold online, as well as, in the store. The success with this type of sale is astounding. Nearly 75 percent of the people who visit Fabletics either are or, will become members prior to exiting the showroom. Many folks like the flexibility of getting new athleisure delivered to their doorstep each month. If they don’t care for the products, or, simply don’t want them, they can return them for a credit towards another purchase.


The products that are selected for each customer are based on their individual taste and, their purchase history. A lifestyle quiz quickly matches customers up with the best kind of athleisure for their particular lifestyle. This quiz can be online at https://www.fabletics.com/get-started. The brand also has several other brands that fall under its umbrella. There is a plus size section, as well as, men’s, shoes, and even a kid’s selection. The website also offers outfit pairings making it simple to figure out which pieces work together, or, to give you the inspiration to create your own unique look. Fabletics is revolutionizing the way athletic wear is presented, turning it into fashionable and, even multi-purpose gear that you can wear while at the gym, grocery store, or, just running some errands. Try the lifestyle quiz to find your own personal match today.

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