Talk Fusion Rolls Out New Program To Help Associates

Bob Reina the CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion has done it again. Bob is popping the cork off his bottle of 25 plus years in the network marketing industry and making it available for all of the associates to use. The company is calling the new program Talk Fusion University.


In a recent article on Prnewswire the project was talked about indepth. ( The program is onlne and will feature videos and explanation of some of the written materials featured on Talk Fusion’s blog.


Bob Reina has become a heavy hitter in the networking and sales industry and he had no experience. As a former police officer he understood that systems are an important part of doing anything, so, he set up his own four step sales system and moved to the head of his industry. Today he talks about his mistakes and how he made them successes and used the system to become a top earner.


Bob Reina understands the power of leverage too. Using the efforts of others to build a team who will duplicate the levels of success and greatness. It’s the same system that he developed years ago and anyone can learn it and apply it. Bob understands that much of the industry charges for the training and the cost can be into the thousands of dollars. Most of the industry training is not as effective as what can be found at Talk Fusion University. There are two factors that set the university apart, they are cost and effectiveness or as Bob says, Performance and price.


In case you don’t know about the products that Talk Fusion offers, here is what they do, the company offers an all in one video marketing system. With this system you can send video emails, newsletters and so much more. It was a system similar to the ones used by big fortune 500 companies. The major difference is that the companies who used those systems before Talk Fusion couldn’t do much with them. Talk Fusion is an all in one, push button system that is easy to use and cost effective too.


Talk Fusion’s products have won several awards and everyone can try the system for free for 30 days without a credit card. All you need to do is sign on with your email. How awesome is that? Well, users think it is very awesome and as a result, they often use the system and stay using the service.  Learn more:

Dr. David Samadi Is Transforming Treatment Options For Prostate Cancer

Being a medical professional requires patience, compassion, and a true desire to help others. These are just a few of the reasons that Dr. David Samadi, Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, decided to go into the field of medicine. Born in Iran, he and his brother were forced out of their home at the tender age of 15 and sent to Belgium during the Iranian revolution. Determined to remain undefeated by the tragedy that had struck him and so many others, he set his sights on a career in medicine.

While observing a prostate cancer procedure, Dr. Samadi was determined to help individuals fight cancer. After graduating from Stony Brook School of Medicine, he began postgraduate training at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. To date, more than 7,000 prostate surgeries have been performed using the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment, or SMART method. When asked what inspired him to start his business, Dr. Samadi credited his desire to help others.His goal is to offer treatment options for prostate cancer that are less invasive than traditional surgical procedures.

When he heard that doctors in France had advanced to using laparoscopic methods for treatment of prostate cancer, he hopped on board. A major turning point in his career, Dr. Samadi began to shift his focus from conventional surgery to robotic procedures. Using a combination of his training in the field of oncology and robotic prostate surgery, Dr. Samadi developed his own methods for removal of cancerous prostates. Each surgery is performed by Dr. Samadi himself, and nearly all of his patients are cancer free. To ensure the success of his patients, Dr. Samadi remains thoroughly involved during the recovery process.

Patients who opt for SMART surgery generally experience shorter recovery times and fewer complications than traditional techniques. It doesn’t stop with treatment for Dr. Samadi. Reaching beyond the patient and into the family, he focuses on the overall wellbeing of them and their loved ones. Providing support and education for both the patient and their loved ones is an important part of the treatment and healing process, and is always at the top of Dr. Samadis priority list.

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US Money Reserve Gives the Global Risk Factor Attention

While the US Money Reserve has known about the global risk factor with different wealth assessments, they have not been able to take advantage of all the things they feel like they can do with their opportunities. They have also not been able to make sure they are doing things right because of the issues that can come from global risks. For US Money Reserve, this is part of their business. They want to share advice with their clients. If US Money Reserve is able to give global risk advice to each of their clients, they know they will have a chance to make things better for them. They also know they will be able to continue offering them new opportunities that can change the way they are doing business. For the company, this is simply an extension of what they are doing for others and how they can truly start to help them out with risks in wealth.


While having wealth can be beneficial for all the people they serve, US Money Reserve knows there are some problems that can come from it. The risks that people have when they are wealthy are far greater than risks they would have in traditional situations. US Money Reserve knew this when they started their business and knew they would have to show things to their customers that would help them combat those issues. For US Money Reserve, this meant they were doing everything they could to help others.


The company has remained dedicated to advising people on the risks associated with global wealth. They know it can sometimes be complicated to invest globally so they want people to realize there are things they can do that will help them protect themselves. It is their way of making sure people realize they are doing everything right in the business.


Even when US Money Reserve was just getting started, they knew there were things they could do to try and help their customers out with the issues they were having. It was their way of providing people with the things they needed and their way of giving them what would help them out. For US Money Reserve, this all led back to the help they could provide and the expertise they had while they were running the business. It was everything they had wanted to do since the start of their money-related company.

Fabletics, Athleisure for Fun and Fitness

Athleisure may be a fashion term you’ve heard of in recent years. The term refers to workout wear that can serve as both athletic and casual wear. Fabletics is a brand name that has also surfaced in recent years, and, they’ve taken the athleisure game to a whole new level. Having Kate Hudson as the brand’s top ambassador gives the brand much recognition. Since its launch, the company has grown to be a 250 million a year business. Demi Lovato has also recently joined the ranks, with her own line of athleisure. There are even imitators who try to cash in on this growing segment, however, lack the branding, quality, and, the affordability of the Fabletics brand.


One of the companies most notable and, successful moves have been in using the “reverse showroom” technique for marketing. With this method, the customer is typically engaged online prior to visiting a store. If the customer doesn’t wish to purchase online, they’ll have the opportunity to preview and, also purchase items at the retail store. Monthly subscription memberships are sold online, as well as, in the store. The success with this type of sale is astounding. Nearly 75 percent of the people who visit Fabletics either are or, will become members prior to exiting the showroom. Many folks like the flexibility of getting new athleisure delivered to their doorstep each month. If they don’t care for the products, or, simply don’t want them, they can return them for a credit towards another purchase.


The products that are selected for each customer are based on their individual taste and, their purchase history. A lifestyle quiz quickly matches customers up with the best kind of athleisure for their particular lifestyle. This quiz can be online at The brand also has several other brands that fall under its umbrella. There is a plus size section, as well as, men’s, shoes, and even a kid’s selection. The website also offers outfit pairings making it simple to figure out which pieces work together, or, to give you the inspiration to create your own unique look. Fabletics is revolutionizing the way athletic wear is presented, turning it into fashionable and, even multi-purpose gear that you can wear while at the gym, grocery store, or, just running some errands. Try the lifestyle quiz to find your own personal match today.

Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani lived in Kenya before moving to the United Kingdom. He began his career as an accountant then joined KMPG in the early years. He then became a successful hotelier, who is amongst the pioneers of brand hotels in London.

Moreover, he has been the manager to several great hotels such as the Splendid Hotel Groups and Sojourn Hotels LLP. His passion in hotelier has led to his several awards including as Hotelier of the Year twenty sixteen, in the Asian Business Awards. The Splendid Hospitality Group has been able to develop more than nineteen well managed private hotels with comfortable accommodations due to Shiraz’s entrepreneurial and passionate skills.

In addition, Shiraz Boghani is associated with Sussex Health Care as a founding joint partner. This Health Care is involved in care giving homes which accommodate more than five hundred people. These people are provided with food, shelter and clothing including medication.

Additionally, this health care has opened an outreach institution, for those with learning disabilities and physical disabilities. He is also known for his involvement in several organizations groups where he gives lump sum resource donations and also looks for other donors to help such organizations.

Shiraz does not only participate in donations, but also volunteers in charity work to help the society. Amongst these organizations is the Aga khan in United Kingdom and its networks worldwide and National Conciliation.

In his career, he has established several prestigious hotels providing comfortable rooms and healthy foods. These hotels include the prestigious Hilton London Bankside which accommodates more than two hundred beds. Another one is the Holiday Inn London-Wembley. In his establishments, he has ensured that customer needs are met in terms of comfort and security.

Being a learned and self-driven fellow, he has several projects under way which will be among the big projects in London, they include London Park Royal and London Hounslow. Furthermore, he has been an inspiration to young entrepreneurs, who are ready to join hoteling as a career.

His success has been an inspiration to the society. In conclusion, Shiraz Boghani is a great man who has helped the community with his charities and donations, so that he qualifies to be a philanthropist.

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