Feedback from Customers On What They Think About Using Securus Technologies

Many public safety and law enforcement officers and correctional facilities depend on Securus Technologies for easy-to-use and powerful technology solutions aimed at improving public safety and security and modernizing the imprisonment experience. In a show of transparency and confidence in its technology solutions, Securus has published some feedback comments from all those who rely on its technology solutions, including law enforcement, corrections officials, inmates and their families in their day-to-day operations.




In one of the comments, a corrections agency thanks Securus for providing phone call records, which they used to seek a search warrant, and ultimately arrest a fraudulent staff for introducing contraband in prison. “I think monitoring of phone calls comes in handy when tracking suspected offenders,” They argue.


Another comment by a corrections agency indicates their total satisfaction with the technology solutions provided by Securus. They cite the commitment by Securus through its technology solutions to improving the conditions behind bars as well as public safety in prisons.


It reads further that the corrections agency is pleased with Securus’ vision, which entails introducing emerging technologies to enhance safety in prisons. “I believe that the investigative tools provided by Securus perfectly combine well with the investigation mindset of corrections officials,” they say.


Finally yet importantly, the sheriff department appreciates Securus, especially for its LBS software technology. They say, “Thanks to the LBS software, the law enforcement department has recovered several illegal assets, cash, and drugs. I think that in the absence of this software, the police would have such a hard time in recovering such items from crimes. Moreover, the reporting data allows agencies to be proactive in monitoring and preventing crimes before they happen.”


About Securus


Safety is ingrained in whatever Securus does. From connecting friends and family to inmates, corrections officials to vital information, convicts to technology, to following investigative leads, Securus has got you covered. With its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies’ client base is well over millions of people.



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