Livio Bisterzo Finds Success With His Own Style And Leonardo DiCaprio Invests In His Business

The name Livio Bisterzo became synonymous with healthy snacks that are delicious and good for the body when he released HIPPEAS. He provided a much needed alternative to the snack foods currently available with an appealing brand and an intuitive strategy. His product has been noticed by many investors including the actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Livio Bisterzo is one of the co-founders of the business and excited about the minority equity investment recently made by Leonardo DiCaprio. He spoke about his partner Strand Equity and how they had helped his growth in the United States and the United Kingdom and how pleased he was Leonardo DiCaprio had joined his HIPPEAS family.

Livio Bisterzo talked about how his partners had the same vision and values in regards to the business and how he believes his journey will be even better with his partners at his side. According to Seth Rodsky of Strand Equity HIPPEAS has a high potential for growth due to the specifics of the brand. He believes the nutrition, flavor, and uniqueness of HIPPEAS will generate even more growth in the future and is excited about a snack with so many health benefits.

HIPPEAS is part of a vegan business and received recognition for their unique and tasty flavors including Maple Haze, Far Out Fajita, and Happenin’ Hickory. The flavors have generated excitement with the company’s partners and caused an acceleration of the company’s growth. Leonardo DiCaprio stated some of the main reasons he invested were the momentum of HIPPEAS in the market, the vision of the partners, and the company’s journey into the future.

Most entrepreneurs begin their journey with a product but Livio Bisterzo chose to do things differently. Instead of beginning with a product he started with a brand and a powerful story. His idea had merit because his brand is now available at 18,000 retailers. He marketed his brand with sensational, bright yellow packaging that has become a staple of Starbucks.

Livio Bisterzo is an Entrepreneur who believed in his ideas and that he could make his own path. His hard work, ideas, and fortitude have made him a success.

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