Livio Bisterzo Finds Success With His Own Style And Leonardo DiCaprio Invests In His Business

The name Livio Bisterzo became synonymous with healthy snacks that are delicious and good for the body when he released HIPPEAS. He provided a much needed alternative to the snack foods currently available with an appealing brand and an intuitive strategy. His product has been noticed by many investors including the actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Livio Bisterzo is one of the co-founders of the business and excited about the minority equity investment recently made by Leonardo DiCaprio. He spoke about his partner Strand Equity and how they had helped his growth in the United States and the United Kingdom and how pleased he was Leonardo DiCaprio had joined his HIPPEAS family.

Livio Bisterzo talked about how his partners had the same vision and values in regards to the business and how he believes his journey will be even better with his partners at his side. According to Seth Rodsky of Strand Equity HIPPEAS has a high potential for growth due to the specifics of the brand. He believes the nutrition, flavor, and uniqueness of HIPPEAS will generate even more growth in the future and is excited about a snack with so many health benefits.

HIPPEAS is part of a vegan business and received recognition for their unique and tasty flavors including Maple Haze, Far Out Fajita, and Happenin’ Hickory. The flavors have generated excitement with the company’s partners and caused an acceleration of the company’s growth. Leonardo DiCaprio stated some of the main reasons he invested were the momentum of HIPPEAS in the market, the vision of the partners, and the company’s journey into the future.

Most entrepreneurs begin their journey with a product but Livio Bisterzo chose to do things differently. Instead of beginning with a product he started with a brand and a powerful story. His idea had merit because his brand is now available at 18,000 retailers. He marketed his brand with sensational, bright yellow packaging that has become a staple of Starbucks.

Livio Bisterzo is an Entrepreneur who believed in his ideas and that he could make his own path. His hard work, ideas, and fortitude have made him a success.

Adam Milsteins Passionate Advocacy for Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is not only the real estate investor that wants the best for the housing industry, but he is also a philanthropist who wants to give back to the community that has helped him grow to where he is now.



His roots are in Israel, and he devoted himself to fight during the Yom Kippur War. It also comes naturally for Adam Milstein to be philanthropic since he graduated in 1978 at Technion and he earned his MBA from the prestigious USC.



Before we appreciate his socially aware leanings, it’s inspiring to know that Adam is right now the Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties. It’s not surprising, too, that Adam can serve this position knowing that he also acts as a board member at Hasbara Fellowships, Jewish Funders Network and the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel.



He also inspires the people around him by being the co-founder and the acting National Chairman of what is now known as the Israeli-American Council.




The Creation of The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation

The beauty of the soul of Adam Milstein finds its roots in the foundation that he started with his wife. The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation exists as a form to even strengthen his Jewish roots. It is one of the wishes of the foundation to make sure that the Jewish people get the support, assistance, encouragement, and funding they need to pursue their dreams and goals.



The homeland he belongs in needs a better network to the U.S. and Adam Milstein hopes that with the foundation he built, he can create unique ties between the Jewish nation of the next generation to the people and opportunities in the U.S.



The organization also exists to help the young and hopeful Jewish students, professionals and entrepreneurs to understand better their Jewish roots and fuel the pride they have for being part of the homeland.



Adam Milstein hopes that with his nonprofit advocacy, he can cultivate the roots of these students to become the advocates for the culture of the State of Israel. With the foundation’s connection with schools and campus organizations, this goal of bringing the Jewish youth to their roots will be, Adam hopes, a success.

Talk Fusion’s new University

Talk Fusion just very recently launched a brand new program that is going to help you improve your skills for the world of MLM and overall marketing. Talk Fusion University provides impressive and incredible videos that can help educate you on everything you will ever need in order to grow and properly gain the insight needed to improve your skills. There are over 30 videos where Bob Reina, the creator of Talk Fusion, goes even deeper on his knowledge and he shows step by step how to utilize Talk Fusion’s products and how to promote them efficiently. There’s a bunch of other written resources that can change your business knowledge.


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